Delivery to the bookselling trade

Shipment to resellers

  •  •   Reduction
  • The bookselling trade receives customary reduction.
  •  •   Orders
  • The bookselling trade can deliver orders by means of e-mail, fax or letter to the publisher.
    The orders must contain the following items:
      •  exact company name
      •  VAT number (Uid)
      •  telephone and/or e-mail-adress
      •  title resp. ISBN and quantity
  •  •   Orders by phone
  • Orders by phone are not accepted.
    Only writtrn orders are valid.
  •  •   Orders via Fax
  • Please, pay attention to a legible transmission of the order.
    Otherwise the order cannot be carried out.
  •  •   New customers
  • The publisher reserves the right not to supply new customers
    before payment in advance is realized.

For the rest the general conditions of business are valid.